Silk is essence of China's traditional clothing culture, it is well known for its refined quality, gorgeous designs and colors, and rich cultural connotation. China is the birthplace of natural silk. The ancient Chinese created the technologies if silk worm breeding and silk reeling. As far back as several thousand years ago, the Chinese people had invented silk weaving and knitting and cinnabar dyeing technique. Then, with the loom being continually improved and dyeing technique being refined, there have been more and more silk fabrics. A complete dyeing and weaving tchnical system has taken shape. From ancient times to the present, silk has been loved by the people due to its smooth touch and brilliant luster.  Silk goods were the symbol of wealthy at old times, while currently, a pure silk sleepwear becomes a kind of luxury.


디스플레이: 명부 / 그리드
정렬 기준 :
100% Mulberry Silk Embroidered Burnt-out Robe
Description: Romantic, alluring and totally head-turning. This delicate robe features a embroid..
예 세금 : $178.00
100% Mulberry Silk Flower Printed Winter Robe
Description: This warm and comfortable gown in super soft, smooth touch and sexy silk, styled w..
예 세금 : $225.00
100% Mulberry Silk Lace Stitching Butterfly Embroidered Pattern Robe
Description: Elegance and comfort are a breeze with our new robe! Crafted from the softest, mov..
예 세금 : $258.00
100% Mulberry Silk Ladies' Robe Set
Description: This robe set concluding a supersoft robe and a sexy strap. Exquisited embroidery ..
예 세금 : $195.00
100% Mulberry Silk Printed Sleeveless Sleepwear Dress
  Description: Romantic, alluring and totally head-turning. This delicate dress  ..
예 세금 : $79.00
100% Printed Cotton Padded Mulberry Silk Gown
Description: Slumber in beautiful, comfortable style! This ultra-soft silk robe for a fetching ..
예 세금 : $238.00
100% Silk Chinese Ink Print Pajama Set
Description: Embellished Chinese ink and mesh printing is the unique features of this design. D..
예 세금 : $55.00
100% Silk Delicated Embroidery Lace Trimming Sleepwear
Description: This short chemise is designed for gorgeous ladies. Well-shaped cups  create ..
예 세금 : $128.00
100% Silk Sexy Lady Embroidery Slip
Description: Soft silk and the deep V—neck with embroidery well-shaped cups create a pretty and..
예 세금 : $159.00
100% Silk Sexy Robe Set
Description: This robe set consists of a robe and a strap. Shiny silk satin with transparent la..
예 세금 : $193.00
100% Silk with Padded Cotton Printing Pajamas
Description: Beautiful and elegant silk-cotton padded pajama composed by a blouse with buttons ..
예 세금 : $288.00
100% Silk with Refined Quilting Embossing Cotton Padded Gown
Description: Inspired by the simple and plain pastoral life, this design is simple, lovely and ..
예 세금 : $238.00
100% Silk with Sexy Leopard Dot Print Slip
Description: Popular and Sexy leopard dot printing slip, breaking the constraint of tradition, ..
예 세금 : $65.00
100% Spun Silk Printed Shawl Collar Robe
Description: Beautiful printing trimming at the collar, cuffs and pockets opening adds freshnes..
예 세금 : $96.00
Chinese Style Print Silk Robe
Description: With V-neck collar, this robe set consists of a chimar and a strap, lavished with ..
예 세금 : $195.00