진주 값

Mixed Color Freshwater Pearl Botryoid Zircon Embedded 925 Silver

As with elegant Pearl holy character , but also because of its bewildering life experience, in ancient times, the pearl is seen as a symbol of power and wealth . Foreign emperor's crown beads, right right beads, beads , beads robes , armor, beads , etc., are a symbol of the country's highest authority . Historically, many countries legislation so that members of the royal pearl patent . Rulers often compete for resources pearl launched bloody wars .

As early as 3700 years ago, Shang , pearl and tortoiseshell is a tribute. King Tang minister had suggested development of " Quartet offer Order ": " south ...... Please enable to Abas ( ie pearls ) , hawksbill ...... for the offer ." Religious beliefs with pearls evoke loyalty. Buddhism "Shippo ", where there are pearl inlaid in the Buddhist holy above the accepted believers worship. British Empire crown jewels inlaid with 227 pearls, which one produced in pearl white butterfly shell diameter of 1.8 cm , It is said that the British colonialists looted from the South China Sea . Russian queen Ekaterina II crown set with a large pearl 80 priceless . According to historical records , Pearl Bracelet the Empress when head wearing a golden crown inlaid with a tribute from the South Seas pearl dragon egg size . Unfortunately, this bead is warlord Sun Dianying Tomb dig away . Reportedly gave Kai-shek . Qianlong of the beads is made ​​with 108 pearls .