Chinese Simulated Mahogany Craft Paper Sculpture Palace Lantern

Chinese Simulated Mahogany Craft Paper Sculpture Palace Lantern
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Paper sculptures, also known as paper embossment that originated in China during the han dynasty,the thick paper carving lights on the basis of reference palace lantern art, created the Chinese classic paper sculpture culture.

The process of paper sculpture:The first step is hand carved painting. the most difficult is the smallest part, with delicate knife craft requirements,you must concentrate and carefully. Then second step is check over again and draw the outline of the edge. At last,according to the requirement of decomposition indicator diagram,stuck carved pieces in sequence.

This Chinese red palace lantern is shaped from Chinese dragon and phoenix, is symbol of auspicious and happiness. With the decor of tassel in each corner.

Material:Pine,rayon,cleek, plastic beads,with carving technology
Color:Dark Red
Size:80cm X 80cm/31.5" X 31.5"

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