Pearl is an ancient organic gems, produced in pearl shellfish and pearlescent shellfish mollusks, generated due to endocrine function, contains calcium carbonate minerals (aragonite) bead, is composed of a large number of small aragonite crystals set. According to the geology and archaeology research proves that pearl exist on the earth in two hundred million years ago. A lot of fresh Pearl Jewerly including pearl necklacs, pearl bracelets, pearl rings and pearl earrings in Peonyer online shop.

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Singular Elegance Pearl Pendant with 925 Silver Necklace
Description: Take your beautiful look to new heights with this Singular Elegance Pearl Pendant!..
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Three Color Freshwater Pearl Pendants with 925 Silver Necklace
Description: Beautiful and affordable, this three mixed color Freshwater Pear Pendants are perf..
예 세금 : $65.00
Triple Layer White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Description: Pearl bracelets have a long and rich history. In Imperial Europe, pearl bracelets ..
예 세금 : $169.00
White Freshwater Pearl Ring with 925 Silver Zircon Embedded
Description: Your girl will definitely fall in love with this White Freshwater Pearl Ring. This..
예 세금 : $75.00
White Sumptuousness Freshwater Pearl with 925 Silver Necklace
Description: Exotic and tantalizing, this Black Sumptuousness Pearl Pendant is perfect! From Pe..
예 세금 : $1,280.00