Flirting Scholar Box Pack Wooden Gift Combs

Flirting Scholar Box Pack Wooden Gift Combs
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Changzhou Comb
Changzhou comb is popular from the Weijin Southern and Northern Dynasties has been 1600 years of history. Changzhou kame, the former imperial palace used comb, now has become the people's daily clean hair essentials and collectibles, and sells in distant overseas markets. Changzhou kame is made from natural material, according to the modern medical research, reveals that it has the effects of  relieve headaches, insomnia, and hearing ear, and eyesight health care if use it frequently.

Material:Phoebe Blepharopus

Dimension:length 12.5cm/4.92“ width 3cm/1.18"

Gift box dimension: length 43cm/16.9“ width 13cm/5.12"

Pure handcrafted painting

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