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Frequently Ask Questions


1.What is Peonyer.com s satisfaction guarantee?

Your satisfaction is our top priority so all of our products are guaranteed to arrive safely or your money back!

All items are covered by a 5 day dead on arrival warranty. Most items are covered by a 15 day free defective replacement warranty and 30 day repair warranty.

2. What currency is the price in?

All price are in US dollar.


3. When will I receive my order?

Your order goes through several steps before reaching your door. Here are those steps:


Step 1 Confirm payment 0-3 business days

Step 2 Process order 1-3 business days

Step 3 Package order 1-2 business days


Step 4 Shipping China warehouse TNT 9-14 business days

China warehouse EMS 5-7 business days

International warehouse 3-7 business days


Total DHL 7-10 business days

EMS 10-15 business days

International 5-15 business days

Holiday season orders can experience 2-3 week delays.

4. Can processing be expedited / does purchasing EMS expedite processing?

Peonyer does not have an expedited processing option. Purchasing EMS only expedites postal service mailing time.

5. How are customs and taxes issues handled?

The customer is responsible for all customs and import issues including but not limited to knowing import laws and dealing with taxes, tariffs, and item seizures. Invoices are never included in the package.


China warehouse items are not subject to any export taxes. International warehouse items are not subject to any sales tax.


For most countries, orders shipped with airmail use the product category for the description and a randomly generated value 30%-60% of the order total. Denmark, France, Norway are exceptions and use the real value.

What is the RMA & returns procedure?

Please do not discard the mailing envelope and product packaging. Pictures of the proceeding items are needed when contacting Peonyer. Know more detail about Peonyer's return policy from (连接退货页面)


Always contact Peonyer and wait for instructions before returning anything.

1) Select an appropriate contact form (连接退货页面)

2) Take and upload the requested pictures.

3) Wait for Peonyer to reply and follow the instructions.

Do not close the CSE form until you issue has been resolved.