Nanjing Brocade Scroll Painting Chinese Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix

Nanjing Brocade Scroll Painting Chinese Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix
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Color magnificent looks like rosy clouds, which describes traditional craft boutique—Chinese brocade. It evolved by the color brocade of song dynasty, is famous for its golden and silver woven, elegant and luxurious. Chinese Brocade is used in Ming and qing dynasty in the ancient times, there usually has official bureau charge of weaving production, mainly provided for impweial robe or queen robe, Brocade has a period of decadence, after the liberation by the many art research, gradually restore and returned to nanjing, therefore in modern days, often known as the nanjing brocade.

Nanjing brocade with Shu beocade in Sichuan, Song brocade in Suzhou and Zhuang brocade in Guangxi, as the 'Chinese four famous brocades' and is a combination of modern life atmosphere and style, the development of many varieties, largely embodies the prosperous wish auspicious meaning, and appeared on accessories, bags, office and is suitable for collection, such as screen and frame pictures, is a  especially high-end collection or gift.

Brocade is chiefly characterized by different color flowers, different from the traditional perspective, the embroidery on the color of the flower is different due to the used in royal apparel, so traditional Chinese brocade often excellence in weaving. Brocade is with gold silver wire copper and filament yarn, all kinds of animals and birds feathers for weaving.


inside picture:35cm X 35cm/13.8" X 13.8"
out frame: 120cm X 42cm/47.2" X 16.5"
Origin: Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
Pure handmade weave and can hang on the wall
Gift box package

Up and down for thousands of years, dragon has infiltrated all aspects of Chinese society, become a kind of cultural cohesion and accumulation. Dragon became the symbol of the Chinese culture and Chinese nation for every Chinese people, the image is a symbol of power, wisdom and status.

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